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Some thoughts on purchasing Original Art

An Overview of Original Art

Anyone can own a Van Gogh, Monet, or Rembrandt, if they have the money for it; however, buying art can at times be an expensive affair with the cost of framing and printing pushing the price into hundreds of dollars or more. Whether you are buying original art or prints, there are some elements to determine the price. Nevertheless, owning a piece of original art is a worthy investment. If you are a Virginia Beach local art collector I suggest you contact a Virginia Beach Art Gallery and Framing Shop to view their collection of works.

Original art is a piece of art that is created by an artist specializing in painting, glass, sculptures etc... The thing about original art it that is comes with a diverse richness not just in terms of texture or skill, but also a history; which is why obtaining an original piece of art can cost you hundreds if not millions of dollars (more so when buying masterpieces of classic art).

Buying Original Art

If you have a taste for art, be it painting, photography, sculpture-bronze, glass-work or carvings, you can still find original art from some of the modern artists. Most artists may not be world famous, but they do have a substantial following of dedicated fans that like their work. While their pieces of original art may not cost millions, the pieces can go for some hundreds or can run on up the thousands of dollars.

Reasons for buying original art vary; for some it is for the love of the art and for others it is a form of investment. However, the best reasons for buying original pieces of art should be for the love of the work. But, though somewhat unlikely, that piece of art may one day become as valuable as a Rembrandt when the artist becomes a famous household name.

Diversity of Art Pieces

There is an art gallery in Virginia Beach that holds so many original pieces of art created by local artisans that the gallery is frequently referred to as the artists gallery by locals. That gallery is FrameWorx located off of Laskin Road and Birdneck near the oceanfront. Click here for a map and directions.

Whether referring to wood carvings or bronze sculptures, the process of making each piece will have a certain unique element that gives its originality though all pieces may share a common style. This is a common thing seen in some artist when they are giving their bronze work of art some final touches before the final casting. However, it is each limited edition piece from the first casting that is often considered as a piece of original art.

Personal Taste and Preference

Some people love paintings while others love sculptures. True lovers of art will find a place for both types of art in their homes and businesses. If you think that original art is hard to come by, think again. The art market is full of some amazing mass produced pieces of art, some of which people readily recognize. That is the beauty of art. With original art, what you get is a striking piece that is often one of a kind. For questions about finding the right original piece contact Frameworx at 757-491-0098

People love art and those who have a place for it deep in their heart take the time to know the difference between original art and reproduced art. For them, art defines their surroundings, speaking something deep and personal that nobody else will fully understand. However, for others the piece adds color to a wall or fills a vacant space with something beautiful. FrameWorx offers color consultation for clients who need help deciding what colors work best in their home or business.

In closing, while art in its truest form is something that has a profound meaning.

If you have a piece of art that needs framing you should Google Picture Framing Virginia Beach or contact a local Virginia Beach Custom Picture Framer at 757-491-0098 for a free consultation.

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